• kuepper  conveyor rollers ready to install after manufacturing

Kuepper Conveyor Rollers Improve your Mining Operations

Supporting your mining operations to maximise their conveying output through superior roller reliability achieved with a combination of world leading 

engineering designs and manufacturing processes is our focus. The Artur Kuepper Group is a proud leader in the world wide conveyor roller and bearing market and we have been specialists for conveyor rollers and idlers for over 80 years.

Customized Roller Solutions

Kuepper prides itself in producing the industry´s premium quality conveyor rollers. We design our rollers according to your application needs and the conveyor situation, providing a full range of solution options which result in consistent high performance and long term reduction of the total cost of ownership of your rollers. From our warehouse in Perth delivered directly to your mining application area.

In addition, our patented sealing design with a complex but low resistance labyrinth and additional cover solutions available offers premium sealing resulting in long bearing life.  All of our rollers are fitted with high quality bearings to suit the application.


Partnership and Trust

Our long-standing business relations with our customers and suppliers are based on reliability and trust. We empower our employees and offer them the chance to expand their potential and to hone their professional expertise.

Profitability is achieved through investment in our staff's qualifications as well as modern technologies and an efficient design process which ensure our leading market position and cost-effectiveness on a sustainable basis. We manage our company with a co-operative mind-set; we are open to change and have the courage to break new ground in partnership with our customers. We rely on our highly motivated employees.

High Quality Driven Focus

We are very proud of our industry leading autonomous assembly plant which includes 7 advanced robots which allow us to produce ALL of our rollers within strict tolerances of key performance parameters including balancing, TIR, running resistance and axle clearance.

Every single roller we produce is given an individual serial number with recorded test results. Due to the production time of 1 minute per roller, we have the capacity to service all our customers’ needs to a consistent high quality.

Our rollers are designed with the industries premium products, skilled artisans and this quality focused solutions driven approach is core to our business practice and central to our success.

Continuous Improvements New Technology and Innovation Focus

With our collaborative, innovative and quality focused approach we design roller solutions to support your operations improvements and long term success. With entrepreneurial responsibility, a flexibility that only a medium-sized company can offer, and personal enthusiasm, we meet the challenges of market requirements.

Through close co-operations with technical Universities and advanced institutions we continuously improve our products for the future challenges of your mining operations, which we believe is most vital given the constantly evolving nature of the mining environment.