Conveyor Rollers for your success

The Kuepper conveyor roller product range includes rollers for every mining application. From steel rollers designed for your high loads, speeds and long reliable life which can be tailored for weigh or low noise applications, our research and development in high wear return rollers resulted in high wearing, durable PU return rollers, advanced composite rollers for light weight, high load, low noise applications and our heavy duty impact rollers for critical heavy impact areas.

Our industry leading autonomous assembly plant which includes 7 advanced robots allows us to produce ALL of our rollers to the highest quality within strict tolerances of key performance parameters and quality checks.

Every single roller we produce is given an individual serial number with recorded test results.

Patented QLR Hybrid Sealing, greased for life, highly effective against the intrusion of water and dust with an additional inner sealing. All of our rollers with a facewidth of over 500mm are designed with hollow axles for weight saving and bending resistance.

Talk to our team today and we will develop customised roller solutions to maximise your mining operations output.

Premium Steel Rollers

Steel Rollers  (63.5 - 350 mm)

Our steel rollers are manufactured from high quality steel components with our signature deep forged bearing housings machine turned to highest standards- designed for high speed, high load capacity, reliability and extreme long life.

Operating Areas /Design Options: Trough, return, impact, weigh, silent

High Impact Rollers

Impact Rollers (108 - 219 mm)

Kuepper impact rollers are used in crushing circuits and heavy impact areas to protect the conveyor belt from large, sharp rocks and heavy impact forces.150

Roller cover Options: Hot vulcanized rubber lagged, heavy duty impact rings, steel, PU


Composite-roller-xforce leight weight high load

Composite Rollers x-force (152 - 194 mm)

Specially formulated hybrid multi-layer composite tube for high strength, abrasion resistance and stability. Optimally designed aluminium bearing housing for precise bearing seat and heat displacement.

Operating Areas/ Designs: Trough, return, weigh, silent

premium return conveyor roller with pu rings

Return Rollers  (108 - 219 mm)

High performing return roller designs for long life, high wear resistance, effective belt cleaning effect for eliminating carry back. In addition, PU rings act as a visual wear indicator for simple preventative maintenance and maximising conveyor uptime.

Design Options: PU rings, rubber rings, steel, composite, PU-spiral (194)

steel rollers for low noise application

Low Noise Rollers  (63.5 – 219 mm)

Rollers produced with the industries strictest tolerances for TIR, balance and surface finish. Resulting in extremely low operational noise level performance and low energy requirements.

Design Options: Steel, composite, aluminium, polyurethane

weigh-rollers for best tir rating

Weigh Rollers  (63.5 - 219 mm)

High quality rollers machined and balanced to highest precision and strict tolerances to ensure superior belt weigh measurability performance and accuracy.

Design Options: Steel, aluminium, composite