Low Noise Rollers  (63.5 – 219 mm)

If you need to reduce the noise pollution from your conveyor this roller type is perfect for you. All our Rollers are produced with the industries strictest tolerances for TIR, balance and surface finish, resulting in extremely low operational noise level performance and low energy requirements during operation. Special for the Kuepper Silent Rollers and very low noise applications we offer a patented two layer muting, muting caps for the conveyor station and special muted shafts.

Key Features for low noise Rollers:

  • Low noise roller are designed for noise sensitive areas or critical conveyors. 
  • Machined to superior precision with lowest TIR and MIS values as weigh rollers
  • Automatically balanced to G14 or better if required
  • Low energy requirements
  • Serialnumber on every roller, with complete test data after assembling


Design Options: Steel, composite, aluminium, polyurethane