Return Rollers  (108 - 219 mm)

In the focus on the issues in your conveyor return site, we are finding the soloution for your special designed conveyor return rollers.  Our research and development and continuous testing methods we developed the industries original and highest performing polyurethane return roller designs. Our return roller solutions are designed for long life, high wear resistance and highly effective belt cleaning for eliminating carry back and providing extended roller and conveyor belt service life.

In addition, our polyurethane rings act as a visual wear indicator for simple preventative maintenance and maximising conveyor uptime and are the industries premium solution for high wear return areas where return rollers are susceptible to shell wearing due to carry back and high tension areas.

Key Features for Conveyor Return Rollers:

  • High wearing polyurethane material
  • Conveyor Belt cleaning by special ring design
  • Range of ring designs to suit the application
  • Easy, visual maintenance solution
  • Extreme long life and superior reliability


Design Options: PU rings, solid PU coating, PU spiral, rubber rings, steel, composite.