Kuepper Roller Manufacturing

Pressing and welding of bearing housings – once the tubes are machine turned our tubes have forged bearing housings automatically press-fitted and precision welded with strict tolerances. Our welding machines utilise automatic MAG welding with strict controls and documentation of the quality parameters including current, voltage, wire speed and gas flow for every roller.

Automatic Welding and Pressing of bearing housings

We are industry leading specialists in the field of designing and manufacturing roller solutions for the world wide mining industry with a focus on producing at the highest quality consistently. Our family owned and managed company has been built through continuous investment in research and development over our 80-year history.

We consistently achieve our high level of quality through our experienced engineering teams and artisans utilising premium products, manufacturing processes and our advanced fully autonomous robotic assembly line to produce our rollers with high quality and precision to support the international mining market. 

Turning and Machining of Roller Axles and Tubes

Our raw tubes and axles are cut, chamfered and machined in our advanced turning and milling section by precision lathes and CNC machines. Utilising clamping sets which ensures perfect alignment of the axles and tubes.

Machining of Bearing Housings

The next vital step after welding of the bearing housings to the roller tubes is the machining of housings in our turning shop to ensure perfectly aligned bearing seats with geometric precision which is extremely important for the longevity of the roller.

Quality Assurance through Automatic 100% Testing

Our state of the art fully automatic assembly line completes the assembly of our rollers with 7 advanced robots allowing us to produce ALL of our rollers at the industry’s highest quality consistently with the following quality checks:

  • Total indicated run-out (TIR)
  • Running resistance
  • Dynamic balance
  • Axial clearance
  • Critical welding parameters
  • Alignment of the bearing housing

Roller Marking for Quality Traceability

Every single roller we produce is given an individual serial number with recorded test results. Due to the production time of 1 minute per roller, we have the capacity to service all our customers’ needs to a consistent high quality.

Automatic Painting of Completed Assemblies

Our latest addition to our robotic assembly line is our painting robot, protecting our rollers from corrosion and finishing our rollers with our trademark blue coating representative of our highest quality. 

Dispatch of completed Rollers to your operations

After assembly is complete with 100% quality checks for key performance parameters our rollers are ready for dispatch to support your operations.