Steel Rollers (63.5 - 350 mm) for your Conveyor Application

Kuepper’s full range of conveyor steel rollers are manufactured with high quality steel components and are designed for high speed, high load capacity, reliability and extreme long life.  Our signature deep forged bearing housings machine turned and precision welded to the tubes ensure optimum reliability, long term performance and stability. With your individual dimensions and special sealings perfectly suited to your enviroment, we will find the right steel roller solution for your application.

Steel Roller Key Features:

  • Deep forged bearing housings precision welded to the tube
  • Quality steel components, heavy duty designs available
  • Designed for high loads, high speeds, long life
  • Robotic precision balancing and bearing alignment and seat ensuring low running resistance
  • Tube machine turned resulting in low TIR and low surface roughness
  • Serial Number for each roller with individual data sheet from 100% quality control

Operating Areas /Design Options: Trough, return, impact, weigh, silent